Welcome to Lucidtoys, the place where beauty and quality work hand in hand to turn your fantasies into reality.

  Explore our exclusive ranges and find the perfect doll for your needs:

NeoDoll Range

A collection of the most popular love dolls on the market. Neodoll brings you the customers’ favourite dolls, created from skin-like materials, fully posable, beautifully shaped and at competitive prices

NeoDoll Girlfriend

Designed to offer you an alternative to a real girlfriend or wife, the NeoDoll Girlfriend Range has been created for those who need a companion during the long nights of solitude. Find your ideal “Girlfriend” from Neodoll and build a relationship with her, letting her take care of your erotic needs.

NeoDoll Finest Range

Hand-made and delicately painted to ensure the finest details are exact (hence the name), the Neodoll Finest Range is a collection of high-end love dolls, perfectly carved and with enticing features, fitting every single man’s fantasies.

Neodoll Racy Range

Meant to make your heart race, this collection displays an exclusive range of love dolls, molded to look, feel and react just like real women. Made from the highest quality materials and carved to match the sizes and features of the perfect female body, every doll from this range can stand on its own without requiring any support

Neodoll Luxury Range

A collection of high-end dolls, created from USA-sourced skin-like materials and hand-painted with care, so they would not only look, but also feel like real beauty goddesses. Compared to the other dolls on the market, the Luxury Range Dolls are meant to last longer, being fully posable and offering a standing function (without any support required)

NeoDoll Big Butt Rang

Because we like big butts (and we cannot lie) and we believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, we are bringing you the Big Butt Range, a collection of dolls with “all the right curves in all the right places”. Specially designed for the gentlemen who are “all about that bass”.

Our Oxford-based warehouse is the “home” of your favourite dolls. This means that we can dispatch them in 1 working day (or even on the same day you purchase them, if you place the order before 3 pm), so you can receive them in 24 hours. We offer a tracked service so you can check the status of your delivery and make sure you’re at home to collect your new friend (and sign for her).

We know that, when you order a doll, your first concern is the delivery and the way your goods are packaged. That’s why our items are being discreetly delivered in plain boxes, so no one can know what they contain. No labels stating the name of the products inside the box, no logos or any other hints - other than the large size of the box.

We are constantly receiving more stock and we allow you to pre-order the items that are on the way to our warehouse, dispatching them immediately after receiving them.

Because we want to offer you everything you need, so you can enjoy your sex doll, we are constantly stocking new accessories:

  • Replaceable heads
  • Sets of eyes in different colours
  • Wigs of different colours and hair-styles

Explore the variety of doll accessories and refresh the look of your babe whenever you fancy it.